Saturday, June 25, 2005

Uncle Sam the Anti-Semite Man

Uncle Sam the Anti-Semite, originally uploaded by menlo.

These protest groups tend to cast a wide net. In this case a guy dressed as Uncle Sam. Probably not an anarchist since he avoided wearing black and was of a certain age.


Blogger JM said...

This demonstrates the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the U.S. It is time for education about the Holocaust to become mandatory in our schools. We have a whole generation growing up in ignorance. It is time to take the fig leaf off of the political correctness. To perpetrate these ludicrous smears against the Jewish state that was formed because of the Holocaust is anti-Semitism and nothing else. You got the picture.

2:47 PM  
Blogger jaed said...

I've seen this particular guy before. He shows up at a lot of Bay Area protests.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Walter E. Wallis said...

It is time to send a bill to the sponsors of this event.

8:32 PM  

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