Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sanity and Pleasure

You've got to hand it to the press; writing, editing and tracking stories only to do it all over tomorrow is like living on a treadmill. I seriously don't know how they maintain sanity. (Perhaps the answer is hidden in the comment.) Not posting regularly while doing other things has been very pleasurable. I've put out a call for other locals to follow my lead--without response. This might be the time to follow that lead instead.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

Say it is not so.... You sound resigned to blog retirement.

Consider the fountain of ideas on a national scene. While you were gone, I visited Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to study liquid absorption by works of religious significance; Orangestad, Aruba to weep over the consequences of poor chaperoning and a bumbling Dutch justice system; to Philadelphia, MS to smell the burning of a real coward coming to justice after 40 years; to Chantilly, VA to witness a deserter face his peers with tears and fears after the same 40 years; and, finally, to Santa Maria, California to see drones doing figure-eight dancing with joy in the streets and releasing doves to the sky because a another rich "white" clown beat the system...

I think you should shift your whimsical observation talents to the world stage as there is no end to blogging material....

7:11 PM  
Blogger Menlo Bob said...

Indeed the world is ripe for blogging and many do so with admirable energy. My intention was not to duplicate those efforts and attempt to shine lights where few were shining. In so doing encourage others to add their unique voice.

There are some days I have an itch that a blog is capable of stratching. Today, for instance. The Daily News early edition boldly proclaimed today as Tuesday. The late edition equally boldly declared today as Wednesday.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mistakes happen ... jeez

4:42 AM  

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