Sunday, May 08, 2005

German American Understanding

Over the masthead in the Sunday edition we learn that some Germans are hyper sensitive when it comes to displays of their national symbol. According to Wolfgang Kaschuba, an ethnologist at Berlin's Humboldt Unversity, simply seeing another German flying their country's flag causes him to view that person as a neo-Nazi. Try having a two way conversation in that professor's class.

Ever since the country suffered the humiliation of being lead by a world class despot, some Germans think that the rest of the world needs to pay special attention to their moral dictates. For professor Kaschuba, showing the flag is considered such bad form that he transfers his distaste to large numbers of Americans. We show the flag...we sing God Bless America--horrors!

Professor Kaschuba and other German's need not bother going quite as far in order to be offended. Those familiar with travel in Sweden know Swedes fly their flag much more than do Americans. Yet hearing German's scold Swedes on this is highly unlikely. So why the special treatment for this story? Some American's--without the shame of Germany--also like to be offended by their flag. Go figure.


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