Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dust Up With the Neighbors

Complaining about noise and pollution from garners using leaf blowers is a hearty perennial in these parts. A page 3 story by Jason Green about a community forum in Palo Alto once again highlights the issue. A Bay Area Gardeners Association representative at the forum suggested that improper training was partly to fault. Blowing dust and leaves into the street is indicative of how not to do the job.

That would address the dust problem but still leaves the noise issue to deal with. If leaf blowers are effective leaves have to be blown into a central location in order to be gathered up. Is there a secret to doing the job whereby leaves are moved without dust? And Palo Alto can train people to do this?

Considering the large numbers of residents using law care services, it seems reasonable for those doing the hiring to tell gardners not to use the devices, or hire based on who uses quieter machines. Juan Carlos Prado of the Gardeners Association wants residents to go around asking their neighbor about their gardeners practices. Sure Juan, that'll bring peace to the neighborhood.


Blogger Enoch Choi said...

"Considering the large numbers of residents using law care services" yes, too many residents use LAW care, lawyers, to solve simpler problems like the sound from their gardener's tools. my question is whether or not electric tools are quieter or louder.... from a quick study, i don't think they're any softer. and i've used them as well, and found that i need my earplugs just as much...

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