Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mayor Blames Victim

The La Hacienda market in Menlo Park has been held up three times in the last seven months. The Daily News front page has a photo of a local woman holding a protest sign in front of the store. With a nod to the illogic of many such efforts, hers reads; "More Food, Less Guns". With that residents have been forewarned to refrain from using their guns at the store. Whether the store plans on offering more food in exchange is unknown. Also unknown is if thieves have taken heed and will now resort to holding up the story without weapons.

Menlo Park Mayor Mickie Winkler..."told the Daily News yesterday she'd like to see city oficials and store owners sit down to discuss ways to keep large quantities of cash out of the store." A goal the robbers seem to be working towards.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

I think we might be missing a great opportunity here. More cash in the store is like cheese in a rat trap...

2:47 PM  

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