Thursday, April 21, 2005

Check Please

The headline reads 'Accused officer's pay tops $200,000'. What the Daily news really would like you to believe is that officer's Kan and Lee are guilty and should have been fired prior to the trial. Because the mistrial didn't deliver the verdict the paper wanted, they've chosen misleading tactics to suggest that the officers themselves are reponsible for the costs for which they had no control. Costs are partly a function of the time it took the case to go to trial. The officers had no say in that. Go blame the courts.

In the middle of this story we catch a glimpse of the reporter Whitney musing about questions she hasn't asked..."it was as yet unclear what the legal ramifications were in firing the pair, but there was no indication from the Police Department that Kan and Lee would be fired". It's a bit of a stretch to fire them after the internal investigation cleared the officers. But it doesn't mean the Daily can't suggest otherwise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone risk their life to protect a citizenry that distrusts and disparages their efforts? Some people look for racism behind every word and action anyone takes. Its no miracle that they "see what they believe".

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