Friday, April 22, 2005

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (look it up)

Because the Mineta Transportation Institute chose to exclude Mountain View city councilman Greg Perry from an event--Perry opposed Institute efforts to bring BART to San Jose--they were successful in making a one day story into a much larger issue.

Today's Daily leads off with a story and photo about Perry confronting BART supporter Carl Guardino CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Note the people in the background sporting signs that say 'We want BART!' Those aren't riders, they're people who hope to make money building it.

The Burning Squirrel thinks that Perry is right on the issue. The costs associated with purchasing right-of-way, building stations and laying track is a giant waste of money. Even with high gasoline costs and in higher density areas BART ridership has stagnated. San Jose views BART as a boon to development. Didn't they say that about the nearly empty lightrail currently sucking money out of taxpayers pockets?


Anonymous bopa said...

Bart has been so successful in its extension from San Francisco to SFO. that must be the loneliest public transportation station in the world. Bring it on down.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Walter E. Wallis said...

If BART takes over the existing rail rights of way, the freight traffic will go onto the freeways.
Light Rail, AKA Tunerville Trollys, is grateful for tinted windows that mask how empty they usually run. It would have been cheaper to give everyione who rides LRT a million dollars to stay home.

11:59 AM  

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