Sunday, May 08, 2005

Clear as the bell on the train passing by.

Letter writer Janice Hough tells Atherton what they'd rather not hear.
"Regarding the outcry from Atherton residents and the City Council over the station closure; It seems like they are prepared to do anything to keep Caltrain except actually ride it."
That says it all. Should make the commute faster.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

Forty years ago, Southern Pacific was one of the biggest corporations in San Francisco. Most SP executives lived on the peninsula and rode "their trains" to work every morning. They congregated on the Atherton platform with their 25-cent coffees, Wall Street Journals under arm and cigarettes in hand for smoking on the early morning ride to “the City”…

...times have changed and Atherton needs to shake off the nostalgic stupor. If you want to know who favors an Atherton stop, just look to see who is on the platform every time a rare steam locomotive runs down the line…wooo, wooo…chuga, chuga, chuga…hissssss….

9:23 AM  

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