Monday, May 09, 2005

City Kids

The city of Mountain View is looking to get into the child-care businesss--sort of. Some city council members have proposed constructing a child care facility that would be leased to and run by a 'child-care operator'. The facility has been under study by the city for eight years--you heard that right--and construction costs are estimated to be $3.5 million dollars. When completed, the center would be expected to serve 104 children. The monthly cost per child is expected to amount to $1000, some of which would be provided by an annual subsidy from the city of $50,000. Although it hasn't been named, the city has chosen Children's Creative Learning Center as the operator.

In justifying the move councilman Michael Kasperzak says;
"If we have spent $13 million on a senior center to accommodate seniors in the community, I believe we can get involved to the tune of $3 million to accommodate children in the community."
Instead of questioning the wisdom of the senior center, as well as lowballing the costs of the child-care facility, the councilman uses it as a benchmark for spending greater amounts of money. Guided by such reasoning, and happily rewarded voters, councilman Kasperzak should feel unrestrained in providing services for a host of innovative services. Rather than questioning where government ends, Mountain View expands the concept of government. Can city run car washes be far behind? First, the eight year study.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Why should our tax dollars be used to give a free subsidy to raising kids. Shouldn't that be the financial responsibility of the parents who choose to have them? Like free medical care, there is proof that with anything that is free, it tends to be overused.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous bopa said...

How is it possible to consider constructing a building that costs more than $30,000 per square foot? ($3,500,000 cost/35 square feet per licensed slot). Even if you factor in the cost of a play area and about 20 parking spots,maybe we get down to the bargain level of $20,000/sq ft. I'm also sure there are more than 104 children in Mountain View who need child care. They are being taken care of somewhere now. If you build this center, there will still be thousands of kids without a cadillac center. Does the giant sucking sound we hear have anything to do with brains escaping from elected official's heads?

10:54 PM  

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