Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Psycho Prof

Page 1. Teacher is put on leave after scuffle. Foothill College psychology teacher Larry Rouse, 58 had a bad day recently. After arriving late to his general psychology class he explained that he'd been stopped by the Mountain View police. In response, student Guillermo Moreira blurted out words to the effect 'No way, I don't believe it'. Rouse asked Moreira to come to the front of the class and began hitting and wrestling with the student. According to Moreira, Rouse took a swing at him, missed and fell to the floor suffering a bloody rug burn to his face.

According to Rouse, the episode was merely a psychological demonstration.
"I wanted to show that if you put yourself into a certain state of mind, you can go into a state where you can do extraordinary things like walk on fire...What I wanted to show was you can face a fine athlete and not get pinned."
Considering that the instuctor was not pinned, merely bloodied and humiliated, you'd have to consider the psychology lesson a raging success. Rug burn...walk on fire--close enough. Responding to being put on paid leave, Rouse explained that the college administration was out to "do me in"--thus continuing the lesson into paranoia.

According to the website Rate My Professor, Dr. Rouse is descibed by students in the following ways:
"interesting, caring and helpful teacher. Overall, a great teacher. He also did go crazy when I took him, but we all experience problems at times."
"I had DR. Larry Rouse for 3 psychology classes. This man is very passionate about what he does. You will not meet a nicer person in a long time. Has an Unorthodox teaching style. Knows his stuff. You will learn a lot even if you don’t want to."
"This dude is crazy!! which makes the class hella funny, never know what hes gonna do next."
Doing time is what Rouse is hoping to avoid. He is waiting to see if he'll face criminal charges on the matter.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

I liked the idea of rating your professor. I have heard about these, but never looked. I have a couple of professors I would still like to rate...

I did note that Larry Rouse was rated "0" on the Hotness Scale...figures, the ugly guy always swings first...

That got me thinking. I checked. Unfortunately, there is no website called "Rate Your Newspaper" -- oh well

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CNN reports that the Mountain View Police Department did stop Rouse, under the 1893 ordinance that it is injurious to the public good to smell that bad.

8:17 PM  

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