Saturday, March 26, 2005

Say No, Details Later

Tom Elias has an op-ed column that takes Schwarzenegger to task for "blurring real life and the world of the imagination" and stitches together the following grievences:
  • The governor gave a speech to travel industry investors that had Hollywood production values.
  • The governor prepared media reports that promoted his agenda.
  • The governor said using steroids was a bad idea but didn't regret using them nor did he shun a bodybuilding event produced under his name.
  • The governor traded on his body builder image to become wealthy.
  • The governor has a friend with a phony image.
So what would Elias want us to do with this information? First, don't be confused by fantasy, and then, don't vote for anything the governor wants. By following Tom Elias' list of items that have nothing to do with ballot measures you can save yourself alot of time mulling over issues. Let Tom blurr reality for you.


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