Tuesday, March 22, 2005

He Thought He was at a Raiders Game

Saturday's editorial taking the Palo Alto police chief to task for supporting two officers left out some details that got added today. Officers Craig Lee and Michael Kan asked to see the identification of Albert Hopkins whom they considered a suspicious person. Hopkins refused the request and in the process of removing him from his vehicle he was injured. Today we learn that Hopkins, according to Lee and Kan's attorney, was 'rude, hostile, angry assaultive, profane'--but not cooperative. Later, Hopkins charged the officers with racism. It would be interesting to find out what some of Hopkins well-chosen words included. There just may be a racism angle to the story.

Note: The headline 'Lawyer: Conduct brought beating' seems to imply that Hopkins was beaten--not injured while being subdued. The difference being that beating someone because of the language they use would not be acceptable police behavior.


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