Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Funny Papers

Tuesday a letter writer Jan Lyman took issue with the 'anti-reporter' cartoon printed above. The writer offered a serious rebuttal to the rather benign Dan Rather cartoon and compared his mis-reporting to statements made by President Bush, including references to 'dancing in the streets of Baghdad when the U.S. troops comes in (sic)."

Today the same cartoonist, Dana Summers of the Orlando Sentinal, appears with a cartoon comparing blossoming democracy in the Middle East with the Chinese threat to democracy on Taiwan. Hmm, perhaps the critical letter writer forgot to update her anti-Bush sentiments with what is happening today. Pretend all this democracy talk arrived without the encouragement of a U.S. president. Pretend dancing did not happen in Baghdad following the invasion--just as it isn't happening in Beirut.

Of course if you insist on cartoon accuracy, let's have a look back at this cartoon by Dan Wasserman of the Boston Globe (another Daily News favorite) published prior to the Iraq elections incorrectly predicting massive death. Wasserman quickly acknowledged his error.


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