Monday, March 14, 2005

Old News Fresh for Lunch

The Daily News late morning edition made it's debut today. Given time it may prove worthwhile, especially when a story breaks after the morning edition has been put to bed. Today seemed more like reshuffing the deck than rolling out news. The thinness of of the late edition isn't very satisfying but that could change. It's advertised as coming out just before lunch. Which, no doubt, means they've calculated out how much a noontime reader can stomach.

Big city newspapers used to print various editions throughout the day. Distribution was usually accomplished using news vendors in downtown areas. Next, the Daily News should bring back street corner newsies shouting out headlines from the latest edition; fight cutting edge internet news distribution with retro-news. Taking it a step further, and eschewing sissy editorial snipping (wink), the two local papers could stage raids on the other's news racks using hired thugs with shady union backgrounds--smokers no less.


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