Friday, March 11, 2005

Hearing Voices

On the letters page Richard Sutherland of Los Altos makes the charge that President Bush, under a mandate from God, is responsible for killing thousands of innocent women, children and the unborn. Sutherland assures readers that God does not communicate directly with him, but he fails to clear up just how such bad information was beamed into his skull. We seem to remember that the topic was widely discussed in the UN as well as in our own legislative bodies without a single reference to God. A popular notion seems to have taken hold that accusations can be leveled without referencing the historical record. President Bush is disparaged for mentioning God in any context, meanwhile statements by the pope that are useful for to the anti-war movement get bandied about as if Mr. Bush was insufficently religious. Mr. Sutherland,the devil is in the details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's time for good Christians to recognize that there are advantages to dying as quickly as possible; you get to go to heaven and be with God that much faster. I'm not sure why there's all this complaining about how evil the world is, and yet every time we try to send some of our fellow travelers into the afterlife on the express train, the Christians seem to want to keep them in this life. If heaven is that much better, then we're doing them a favor.

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