Saturday, March 05, 2005

How to Be a Political Player

The city that considers the laborious process that preceeds nearly every decision 'the Palo Alto process', is now considering passage of an endorsement of same sex marriage. Beyond making a statement, it is unknown what affect the vote would have on municipal activities but it seems most likely to fan the flames of this so called wedge issue. Pointless gestures have a way of making their way into legislation with a degree of regularity. Politicians are keenly aware of their accomplishments and attempt to burnish their reputations with a long list items that can be worked into campaign literature. Little is accomplished here in city council sessions that drag on interminably and contentiously, so what could be better--a quick, cost free, generally acceptable but wholey ineffective resolution that plays to the crowd whose only traditional value is intruding on your neighbor's property rights. Authentic proposals intended to resolve pressing problems just won't do. Nothing is more valued in Palo Alto than a show of the proper emotion. We learned that lession by shooting mountain lions.


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