Saturday, March 26, 2005

Accentuate the Negative, Eliminate the Positive

When the Daily News reports on the California Governor it isn't hard to know what they think. When they don't report it you still know what they think.

Saturday--page 8,' Widows at rally angry with governor's policies'. This is about those who oppose changes to the state employee pension plan. Speaking out against the plan is state Senator Elaine Alquist, D-San Jose, widows of police and firefighters and an official of the firefighters union. Speaking on behalf of the governor's position is............

Okay, what's the plan? According to the story the governor proposes to pay widows of public safety officials a lump sum payment in lieu of a monthly check. Left out of the discussion is what the lump sum payment is and how it compares with the monthly check. Apparently, the governor got up one day and felt like making some changes for no particular reason--at least nothing you'd care to read about.

The Daily News cares what various protesters think about the governor, but a superior court decision on Friday that favored the governor had no news value.
"A Superior Court judge cleared the way for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to raise unlimited cash to promote his agenda to voters, ruling Friday that the state's political watchdog improperly limited donations for ballot measures.

The ruling overturned a Fair Political Practices Commission regulation that would have restricted Schwarzenegger's efforts to raise $50 million for a package of constitutional amendments he wants to put before voters in the fall.

Schwarzenegger and political allies sued the commission earlier this month to overturn the limits on contributions to ballot measure committees controlled by a candidate. Judge Shelleyanne Chang agreed that the rule conflicted with the constitutional right to participate in the political process."
--Tom Chorneau, AP
Clearing the way for more fundraising as hypocrisy stories.


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