Thursday, March 24, 2005

Army Corps of Artists

Much has been said about flooding along the San Francisquito Creek. Little has been actually done in the last seven years about the problem beyond forming new commissions, holding hearings and producing studies. Now we learn that the Army Corps of Engineers (Thursday, page 6) wants to resolve matters further downstream at the bay outflow. So this is good news right?

Soon after the flooding, residents affected by the flood wanted to remove upstream impediments such as the artificial narrowing caused by the Chaucer Street bridge. At that time residents were assured that unless problems were fixed upstream, on watershed land, and downstream where the flooding occured, altering the bridge would only lead to more flooding. At that time the Army Corps of Engineers had already been working on upstream issues for over 30 years--with nothing to show for it.

Communities of problem solvers who also like to pride themselves on a measure of visual sophistication will therefore appreciate the following useful solutions:
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you forgot to mention how much bloody money they've spent ... yikes.

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