Sunday, March 27, 2005


A corrrection appeared on page 4 that reads:
"A story appearing yesterday about a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of a boy who claimed to have been manhandled by a Palo Alto police officer incorrectly stated the number of tickets that the officer named in the suit had issued within a 36 month period.

The article stated that the officer Brad Kilpatrick had issued 17 helmet violation tickets to whites and three helmet violation tickets to blacks--two of those tickets to the same boy, Jameel Douglas.

The article should have stated that Kilpatrick had issued 12 helmet violation tickets to whites."
This is a federal lawsuit which means that it is a civil rights case and, if the report is accurate, whites would be the object of racial profiling since they were singled out disproportionate to their percent of the local population. Of course it could also mean that they're not as bright for not wearing helmets.


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