Thursday, March 31, 2005

Improvements Noted

As compared with yesterday, the editors offered up a much improved front page story selection. A local paper should favor local news--as they've done today.

That said, consistent with the Daily News' history, staying away from the UN Oil for Food scandal shows a pattern of hiding significant news for what would appear to be partisan motives. The first time the story appeared in the paper was not as news but in a William Safire column. This was significantly larger and more immoral than Enron. It allowed the arming of a tyrant who ensured that his people died in order to exert pressure designed to do away with the UN embargo. It's a neat trick to both promote UN decisions and then turn a blind eye when they become subverted by UN officials.

Yesterday's article about the Boy Scout official only involved charges dating back to March 21st. Following publication of that story he was convicted. If the story was important enough to receive above the masthead treatment yesterday, why no follow up today? Is the ten day lag rule still in effect?


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