Monday, December 05, 2005

Donkey Meat?

The paper beyond parody stumbles in from a drunken weekend with Tookie Williams to produce another cutting-edge front page headline article "THE LINE OF FIRE Some citizens fear for safety if courts uphold S.F.'s voter-approved ban on handguns." It seems that reporter Cecilia Vega stumbled upon a lesbian couple who live in the Mission District and own guns for protection. The couple knows what you're thinking and attempt to head that thought off at the pass with this stunning bit of logic;
Both belong to the NRA, not because they agree with what they call the "right-wing lunatics" running the organization, but mostly because they like the mailers and Second Amendment literature the group offers."
Forgetting for a moment that the reason the NRA leadership are considered "right-wing lunatics" is because they support the right to have guns for protection. The same position taken by our homegrown Thelma and Louise. To say you joined the NRA for mailers and literature is like saying you're a Democrat because of a fondness for donkey meat.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

I belong to the NRA because I like the magazine articles but never look at the pictures...most recent coverage highlighted the absolute need for family and property protection in New Orleans following the hurricanes. If you need a gun and do not have one, you are SOL baby. At least these two women understand the importance of the Second Amendment. I'll bet they cherish the Nineteenth Amdendment too.

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