Monday, December 05, 2005


For historians wanting to know when newspapers died in San Francisco, it happened Friday December 2, 2005. That was the day the San Francisco Chronicle featured on page 1, above the fold, below the masthead the following breathless headline;
The party isn't over in S.F. -- it has just moved on to smaller, mellower places. Nights of excess in huge venues give way to calmer gatherings in more intimate settings.
Without doubt this served as a metaphor for their news product.


Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

Squirrel, I do not agree with your assessment. This is just a downward, swirling cycle like a giant, slow-flushing toilet. I remember small hippie coffee clubs like Purple Onion and the Hungry Eye and then the big scene at Filmore West and the Avalon and then the swing to a small club scene and the big, flashy discos and then small clubs and the the in-your-face Ruby Skyes and now small clubs again. It is really related to cycles of casual drug and alcohol use and the aging of hippies to flower children to irresponsible parents with value-less teens ... and the beat goes on...The Chronicle will be there for many years to come "reporting" on the progress of the giant toilet by the bay.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Bob said...


If this is Jeopardy then the question is, What is the theme song from "The Thomas Crown Affair"? I mean except for the flushing toilet bits.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

Ahhh, the windmills of your mind. Turning and turning....

2:43 PM  

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