Friday, December 02, 2005

December 13th--Let's Have a Party.

December 13th is about to have even greater historical significance. The first being the capture in 2003 of world class thug Saddam Hussein. This of course was a mistake. He should have been shot on sight, sparing the world the bother of a trial and sparing peace activists the humilation of the lawerly council of Ramsey Clark.

Soon to come will be the execution of another world class thug Stanley "Tookie" Williams founder of the Crips street gang and convicted four time murderer. Opposing the execution is a familiar phalax of prison uniform snifers consisting of Jamie Foxx, Elliott Gould, Danny Glover, Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, William Baldwin, Bob Saget, Mike Farrell, Harry Belafonte, Jessica Simpson, Edward Asner, Jackson Browne, Russell Crowe, Richard Dreyfuss, Nick Carter, Gabriel Byrne, Bianca Jagger; politicians Tom Hayden, Mario Cuomo and Bill Rosendahl; Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu, Mairead Corrigan Maguire; and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Because the soon to be late Mr. Williams siezed on the notion that publishing anti-gang books was his jail cell key to success, newspapers have regailed their readers with misleading information on his behalf. People who write for a living have this preverse sense of professional courtesy.

These same newspapers frequently scold their readers about wisps of racism and imply through statistics that the death penalty is itself racist. All of which is interesting in light of Mr. Williams own behavior. According to fellow Crip Tony Sims, who was present during the execution of store clerk Albert Owens in 1979, Williams was asked why he killed Owens, he responded "because Owens was white and Williams was (for) killing all white people." Saddam Hussein would be proud--Williams is his kind of guy and now they'll be linked in history.


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I also think December 13 is the Iraqi election.

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