Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Let's only do easy things.

President Clinton now says that invading Iraq was a big mistake, although some good came of it, such as the removal of Saddam, a new consitution and parlamentary elections. Taking this sort of statement seriously glosses over the ex-president's judgement during his 8 years. Among the items included in this memory hole would be refusing to deal with Bin Ladin, compromised intelligence and military intelligence transfers to China, ignoring the pending slaughter in Rwanda and his wife's backing of the invasion. Yes it has been difficult in Iraq, but can he seriously be suggesting that having Saddam back in power with no sanctions in place is better? Clinton's faulty judgement suggests just that. Apparently, difficulty is a reason to avoid the necessary.


Anonymous Stef said...

Clinton had a meeting every morning about Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorism and what the US could do to stem it. The first day of George Bushes presidency George Tennet turned up for his daily meeting on al-quaida and was told the new administration weren't interested in al-quada, they wanted information on Iraq. Read a paper thats not linked to republican business men mate.
And what good has come of Iraq? 100,000 civilian casualties, a country on the brink of a civil war even your own intellegance agencies predicted would happen. Irradiated once again by US depleted uranium (always depleted urnaium when the US uses it 'Dirty Bomb' when the idea of a terrorist getting it arises). It's all heading the direction of Afghanistan, which if you ignore the US media and look at official UN and charity reports has gone from a third world country before invasion, to a full on failed and unstable state now, thats getting WORSE not better MR. USA MEDIA.
Elections the Iraqi people do not beleive are legitimate. A sham soverenty where security and most importantly economy are not in Iraqi control. A constitution drafted by the USA.
Yes I agree with you Clinton ignored the slaughter in Rwanda. You are spot on there, but then Bush and all the other world leaders have just ignored mass scale ethnic genocide in Sudan last year, so at least Clinton isn't all alone in that little section of hell when the day comes.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Smoking Jay said...

Clinton is just sealing his fate as the most disgraceful U.S. President in another era, his comments would be grounds for treason... We are still recovering from his 8 years of foolishness and I know he will burn in hell...

I watched the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck" and Clinton reminds me of a reverse McCarthy, hunting down the neocons...I have news for him and other liberal politicos -- the gloves are coming off

12:37 PM  

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