Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Doctors are In

Its begining to look like Iraq war intelligence was indeed being doctored. Today the Washington Post carries the cherry picked memories of former Florida Senator Bob Graham. However, knowing who the real surgeons are isn't too hard when you commit to using Google. Powerline reports on the selective memory of Bob Graham. Why Washington Post readers are not entitled to know this is puzzling. Apparently Bob Woodward isn't the only one hiding things.

Also today, the Los Angeles Times dredges up old news from German intelligence sources and hoses it off in order to suggest that the Bush administration deliberately mis-used it. Isn't it interesting what gets left off of the story--such as these facts from a previous New York Times article that clearly says the CIA never passed it along to the administration. The LA Times cleverly blurs this information. You know the doctors are in when they've amputated history.


Blogger Walter E. Wallis said...

Liberals have deliberately skewed the meaning of intelligence to be absolute sure things. I always thought that it was a collection of information and guesses from a wide field of sources, and that any decisions made from such intelligence were usually those that were internally consistent. Under such a system no single erroneous datum can invalidate the whole. You play the odds. Win some, lose some.

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