Friday, August 12, 2005

War Talk at The Crawford Peace House

After reading press accounts of Cindy Sheehan, the woman the woman who's son was killed in Iraq and wants to talk to Bush, I decided to call the Crawford Peace House in Crawford, Texas where Sheehan is holding vigil.

The woman who answered the phone agreed to talk but didn't provide her name. She lives in San Antonio and is from a military family. Her father served in Vietnam, her husband was in the Army and her son is currently in the Army. Prior to the war her husband served in the Middle East and her son was in Iraq. Considering her background, I asked if she supported the president in any way. She said she supported going to Afghanistan but not Iraq because they needed to finish Afghanistan first before going to Iraq. According to the woman, we should have taken on Iraq behind the leadership of other generals, not the ones Bush relied on who were only interested in career advancement.

When I asked about her son, she let on that her attitude had undergone a radical transformation. She said it surprised her to feel as she did, "You don't know what a mother goes through." Her son suffered a non life threatening ankle injury in combat and is now undergoing treatment back home.

I asked about their time served in Saudi Arabia. Incongruously, she said that they enjoyed the time, but they wondered when the US would wake-up to the very personal threats they felt over there. When I asked if she supported war on Saudi Arabia she wordlessly responded in a way that seemed to express support with the sentiment. Because the Crawford group has such an anti-war stance I asked how these pro-war views went down. According to her, there are a wide variety of views in the Crawford Peace House.

You can find out if that's the case by calling 254 486-0099. Ask for the woman who supports war in the Afghanistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia--shouldn't be too hard to find.


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