Saturday, August 06, 2005

Break Out the Umbrellas

Saturday's headline story 'Jobs ratio is out of balance' concerns itself with the fact that compared to surrounding communities Palo Alto has a higher number of jobs relative to residents. In otherwords, more people work in Palo Alto than live in Palo Alto and this shows that lots of workers can't afford to live there and choose to commute.

Besides incessently dwelling on mythical imbalances, it demonstrates a willingness to avoid the warm rays of sunshine at all costs and pretend its raining. The paper refuses to acknowledge unexpected job growth on top of a vigorous economy and a dramatic reduction in the budget deficit. All of these were the object of countless stories of woe prior to last year's election. Instead, the Daily News becomes fixated on problems of no particular significance. Problems other communities would gladly exchange for theirs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

again, with the conspiracy theories. makes me ill.

let's ignore the fact that the piece seems to be based on a report the city did itself. guess the city is ignoring those same issues the daily is purposefully ignoring.

so much for "re-reading" the Daily News.

it's perfectly clear that you have an agenda. and it doesn't make you any better than the daily.

until you have something new and fresh to offer (instead of tired retreads like the 'liberal media's got a bias!!'), give this charade of a blog up.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

You are right to point out that I have an agenda...which is a service I perform from time to time for the Daily News. Charades is a game played without words.

6:26 PM  

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