Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Working Late

The Daily News editorializes about how thoughtfully they consider tax hikes. Sometimes they endorse them, sometimes not. But it always involves deep thought.
"The Daily News looks at each tax request individually, seeks a lot of raw data (such as the salaries of employees), and often asks campaign committees on both sides to visit the paper to make a presentation."--editorial
Can't you just imagine green eyeshaded publishers earnestly spending nights bent over city spreadsheets?

Currrently, Palo Alto would like citizens to tax themselves to fix storm drains. The Daily News assures its readers that it hasn't made up it's mind about an endorsement, but they're also getting heat for being perceived as anti-tax in a region that likes being taxed. Because of that, the editorial tips its hand about this endorsement. If they supported the tax they wouldn't need to soften the blow. Don't look for a storm drain tax endosement.


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