Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pope Spec

Strong coverage of the death of John Paul II today. I especially enjoyed Diana Diamond's first person account of meeting this pope in 1987 during his visit to San Francisco. Speculation on who is likely to become the next pope continues on page 6, "Cardinals will soon chose the next pope". Included is a handy chart showing the top six as well some brief personal information. Of those, Austian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn is identified as being born in 1945 making him 58, however the accompaning article says he is 69 years-old possibly making him a man for all seasons. Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi is described as "not well travelled" and "some critics believe he could impose too strong an Italian outlook"--what, in heaven's name, does that mean? Not listed in the chart but mentioned in the article is Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels who I assume has no connection to this.

(Correction: After pointing out the different ages given to Cardinal Schoenborn I too messed this up. If he was born January 22, 1945 he would be 60 years-old.)


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