Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lost in the Shuffle

It's common knowledge that the Daily News likes to billboard certain allegations while hiding others. Recently an investigation of the UN Oil for Food program revealed billions of dollars of fraud. The head of the program Bennon Sevan and Kofi Annan's son Kojo were implicated. As a result Kofi Annan's position in the UN is tenuous. Yet the Daily News didn't want you to know.

Earlier, the Daily News thought it was worthy to devote a bold headline to complaints against supreme court justice Antonin Scalia who had accepted a ride on the vice president's airplane. Since the vice president was central to a matter under review, some called for Scalia to recuse himself from the decision. When it was pointed out that justice Ginsberg had far greater ties to pending judicial decisions no equal concern was forthcoming.

Today the Daily News feels it's important for readers to know about ethics charges against Rep. Tom DeLay. It is proper to learn of such charges, however, similar charges against others go unreported. Convictions of some house members are of even less interest. In the interest of fairness to Rep. DeLay it should be noted that the charges against him are themselves ethically challenged. Here's the proof.

Funny how we only get half the story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn about the Oil for Food scandal. Obviously you, Mr. Burning Squirrel, but I don't and from the looks of it neither does the editor of the daily. Anyway, if I wanted to read about Kofi Annan and his cronies I sure as hell wouldn't turn to the Daily News. Go pick up the New York Times if you're so concerned about it.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

The New York Times is THE primary source of national and international news for the Palo Alto Daily News. The NYT also has no interest in the story unless it involves business men from Texas--such as last week when it suddenly became of interest.

Until recently the NYT relied on minimal reporting from the AP although the NYT headquarters is a 20 minute walk to the UN and claims to be international in scope.

The program was looted by--among others--close associates of the secretary general of the UN. As a result Iraqi children died for lack of medicine. In response, the NYT urged a relaxation of the UN embargo. I'll take note of your cynicism.

9:32 PM  

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