Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bogey on 16

Tuesday, page 1: Al Kornblum was golfing with two friends on Monday when a miltary aircraft taking off from Moffett Field dropped a package that nearly hit Al. The threesome was playing the 16th hole of Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course when the 3 foot long parcel dropped nearby. They called to report the incident and within minutes it was retrieved by officials of Moffett Field.
According to Rule 24 of The Rules of Golf; Obstructions are either artificial or man-made objects that are classified as movable obstructions or immovable obstructions. Movable obstructions anywhere on the course may be removed. With immoveable obstructions; You may drop your ball away from an immovable obstruction if it interferes with your swing or stance.
Clearly, Daily News writer Edward Carpenter should have consulted a sports writer or the Clerk of Course to determine if Mr. Kornblum was entitled to either move the object or take a drop on his ball.


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