Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gorilla Helpers Sue

This is what makes a good story, animals and the continuing need for humans to mimic them. Let's review; two women employees of the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside say they have been harmed to the tune of one million dollars because they were fired. In dispute is whether they were fired because they refused to go topless for a Gorilla or as a result of complaints about health and safety violations at the facility. No one claims that Bill Clinton had an on-going interest in helping the Gorilla Foundation nevertheless Koko the 300-pound, sign-language speaking gorilla is remaining tight-lipped. The foundation was founded by Francine "Penny" Patterson. Her name suggests that a one million dollar payout is not under consideration. Parties interesting in replacing the fired workers can make inquires at the foundation's website or telephone number 800-ME-GO-APE.


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