Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bush Sex Scandal

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is usually a reasonable guy and is frequently known to have thoughtful things to say. Today's column--headline: BUSH ADMINISTRATION SEX SCANDAL UNVEILED--offers up a scare story complete with a teaser headline. Sounds as if Kristof wondered off his farm in Oregon and got juiced up over supermarket tabloids.

In reality the article is about an increase in funding abstinence-only sex education. To read it you might come to the conclusion that the President Bush was ONLY going to allow funding for this type of sex education. In fact, what is being offered is an increase in funding for an alternative. From the Bush perpective, abstinence-only would avoid delivering a mixed message similar to one that says--don't smoke, but if you do, here are the filtered cigarettes. Some studies have said abstenence only has little impact, which isn't to say it has the opposite effect. Would it be fair to suggest that at the very least it functions similar to what is offered in whatever you call the non-abstinence program? I thought diversity was a good thing.

For it's part, the PADN sticks a pull quote onto the story that reads--"In 1906, The Ladies' Home Journal published articles about venereal disease--and 75,000 readers canceled their subscriptions." Does the Daily News have a function key on their computers that inserts random historical tidbits or would there be a point waiting to be made?


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