Thursday, February 17, 2005

Didn't Mickey Rooney make a movie about this?

As part of a Youth in Government program sponsored by the YMCA, two East Palo Alto youths prepared a piece of mock legislation in support of legalizing prostitution--headline: PROSTITUTION BILL BY TEENS LEADS TO FLAP. The topic came to light when the teens spoke to the EPA city council along with their adult leader who apparently saw no problem with the proposed legislation. To their credit, some in the city council spoke out against the concept leaving the YMCA spokeswoman to clean-up the mess by explaining that the mock bill was intended to be controversial in order to spur debate.

It occurs to ask, aside from the city council, where is the adult supervision--out polishing the pimpmobile? Despite regulations governing hiring quotas for EPA residents at Ikea, Home Depot, Home Depot Expo, Office Max, Best Buy, The Good Guys etc., these kids still see a future in streetside entrepeneurship. And Russell Simmons thinks KFC needs help caring for their chickens?

Update: On Thursday the PADN refers to the Y official as Laura Toller Garner and it becomes Laura Toller Gardent by Friday. My friend Mike suggests (uncharitably) this represents the new Knight Ridder style.

Update to the update: Saturday's copy now says her name is Linda Toller Garner. Three days three names--same person. We happen to know they got the name right on the first day.


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