Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More of the Same

The San Franciso Chronicle would like readers to believe that the Bush administration is attempting to deny viewers the right to see dead bodies in New Orleans and is using a comment by one soldier to make the case. Under a photo in the San Francisco Chronicle (website) of a body being removed from a New Orleans house is this caption:
"This photo shows a FEMA contractor removing a body from a New Orleans home, but, despite a court order, reporters are still being told "no photos, no stories" about the body recovery process or they'll be thrown out of the state."
Ask any working photographer whether they've been told not to take pictures in public situations and you'll find out how common this is. For whatever reason, uninformed individuals think they have the right to prevent photos from being taken. It didn't start with hurricane Katrina and it doesn't come from Bush. You'd think the Chronicle would be aware of this and factor it into the story. After all, didn't they write the story and publish the photos. You'd think that would put an end to it. Unfortuately, that's not helpful to their world view.


Blogger Millbrae Morty said...

Uh, I'm afraid we can't allow you to say these things on your blog. The government organization I am representing has a policy not to allow people to say things contrary to our, uh, policy. Any violation of this policy will mean we will have to report you, take away certain privileges, and put this on your, uh, permanent record.

It's true, haven't people in any position of authority tried to tell other people what to do since the dawn of man and our earliest childhood memories? You're right, this is just another opportunity for various people to once again throw their weight around with made up "policies".

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