Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Constant Whiner

It should be no suprise when politicians hire successful consultants to work on their behalf. According to an AP story by Laura Kurtzman, it is noteworthy that Governor Schwarzenegger has hired political ad man Alex Castellanos who helped President Bush to victory in the '04 elections and has had a hand in the elections of eight US Senators and six Governors.

The AP describes Castellanos as a former Bush aide who is a "master at politcal attacks" and knows "how to eviserate the opposition". According to the AP's version only Republicans hire people who attack the credibility of highly qualified Democratic candidates, while Democrats, such as James Carvell, Paul Begala, Chris Lahane, Bob Mulholland and Gary South, are merely volunteering to dispense good cheer about a few happy-go-lucky public servants. Add to that the constant campaign of pro-Democrat AP writers.

After assuring readers for months that Schwarzenegger was in deep trouble, that voters no longer wanted him as governor, while pointedly not offering a candidates to compare his popularity to, a poll (oops, I mean this poll) released last week showed that Schwarzenegger would beat both Democrat Steve Westly and Phil Angeledes. Shocked into this reality the AP decided to elevate a mere campaign hire to serve as a rehash of the 2004 election.

The AP smells a winner and they aren't happy.


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